MITS attends MegaRust Conference

On September 22, 2021 the MITS R&D team attended the MegaRust Conference in Hampton, VA.

The R&D team brought along our on-going innovation project, our MITS Fish submarine. MITS Fish is a new endeavor to take undersea blue technology to the next level with unmanned underwater vehicles. MITS Fish always generates a lot of interest at these events and was a hit! You can learn more about MITS Fish and our other R&D projects on our website, R&DMI Technical Solutions.

MITS also showcased our latest innovation, Avia Vestigo, a home monitoring and emergency notification system that allows individuals to live as safely and independently as possible at home. MITS has teamed up with Project Lifesaver International on this project. You can learn more about Avia Vestigo here,  Project Lifesaver InternationalMI Technical Solutions.