MITS at Innovate 2022 in Baltimore, Maryland.

MITS was invited to speak at the Innovate 2022, Technology and Operations Conference for C-Level Executives and Business Owners in Baltimore, Maryland.

“Mid-market companies are the life-blood of our economy. They spur innovation, develop new products and ideas, and are major employers,” said Tony Gruebl, founder and CEO of Think. “We are excited to host this first-of-its-kind conference in the Baltimore – Washington metropolitan area that will bring so many talented executives together in one venue. This is a unique opportunity for them to share ideas, work through challenges, and build new relationships with some of the most significant companies in the region.”

Mike Ihrig, CEO and founder of MI Technical Solutions, Inc. spoke about ML/AI Utilization on City-Wide Network. Read more here.

ML/AI Utilization on City-Wide Network