DECEMBER 2020: Trip Report – Electric Boat

“Just wanted to drop you a line and say how happy I am to see you guys are getting more work around here.” “(…)  I and the community around here really appreciate having (…) as a resource who’s always ready, willing and able to support us at any moment” 

V/R, Construction Support Department

NOVEMBER 2020: Inactive Ships

“MI Technical is a strong solid company with great values and I wish you many years of great success! Please let him know that Inactive Ships appreciates him more than he will ever know!”             

V/R, ACTR/ISSM, Inactive Ships Management Office

USS BILLINGS: Network Migrations

“While at BAE shipyard he always made himself available. If it wasn’t in person it was over the phone or text. He was able to help us out of a few major binds as it relates to the network migration. He really knows the in’s and out’s of the process. ”     


JUNE 2020: Compassion Advocacy Network, Inc

“Thank you for the donation of the handmade cloth face masks. We distributed them at our last CAN Help! Program give away. The senior citizens loved them. They were so happy to exchange the paper medical masks for a nice, cloth, patterned one. You all brightened a lot of hearts with your thoughtfulness.”

V/R, Reverend Johnathan Stanley Co-founder and CEO

USS MOMSEN DDG 92 LAN Support Receives Accolades

“Thank you very much for the incredible support you’ve provided to MOMSEN!“

V/R, N2/N6 – COMDESRON 31.

USS WAYNE E MEYERS DDG 108 LAN Support Receives Accolades

“I cannot tell you how much positive feedback we are receiving from your team’s support for WEM, from every direction. Our previous Migration coordination was so painful and delayed NIPR/SIPR operability for such long periods of time, your effort has totally turned around our way of Migration coordination for future avails.”

V/R, CS Port Engineer DDG 108

USS RONALD REAGAN CVN 76 LAN Support Receives Accolades

“The efforts of your team along with Ship’s Force and NIWC Pacific have been extraordinary.  Very much appreciate having your expertise on the team and the continued support.” 

V/R,  Deputy Combat Systems Officer, Commander Naval Air Force Pacific

USS WICHITA LCS 13 LAN Support Receives Accolades

“This successful transition only resulted in the ship and my crew being without email for only 12 hours, allowing us to communicate with higher headquarters and internally.”

V/R, Commanding Officer LCS 13

USS CHARLOTTE LAN Support Receives Accolades

“Because of your team’s experience, the execution of USS Charlotte’s LAN migration went flawlessly.” 

V/R, Combat Systems Electronics Engineer PHNS & IMF

CVN 70 CANES Support Receives Accolades

with your team, as already demonstrated.”

V/R, CVN 70 Combat Systems Maintenance Coordinator

USS COMSTOCK (LSD 45) Support Receives Accolades

“Thank you for all the adjustments this week, your support is greatly appreciated…I would like you to know that I see that you have the warfighter at heart and are doing everything you can to support. To me that represents what we are here to deliver. Great job by you and your team.”

V/R On-site Installation Coordinator(OSIC).

APRIL 2018: MITS Providing Direct Support for USS Porter (DDG 78)

Thank you all for the fantastic work on this effort. 5 stars!


APRIL 2018: MITS V3 Certification is Approved

“Congratulations, MITS V3-certification request packet has been approved!”

 v/r Virginia Values Veterans (V3)-Regional Program Manager – Hampton Roads & Southern Virginia

– CVN IT Project Manager  PMS 312I, CVN IT ITSMO

DDG 110 Software Upgrade

“MITS personnel did a great job with the MFOM and ARRS upgrades.”


June 2017: MITS CANES Migration Team Receives Accolades

“I really appreciate the support your team has provided for USS RAMAGE during this time period to include the timely constant updates on the progress and potential problems of Migrations. Thank you.” 

V/r, CSPE DDG 61/51/84/94