CellGuardians is a new Android mobile app that helps break the habit of distracted driving caused by cell phones. It
automatically turns on when the user starts driving and disables driver-distracting functions with an escape mode for

Distracted driving is dangerous and deadly.

In 2018, more than 2,841 people were killed by distracted driving. Among those killed, 1,730 were drivers, 605 were
passengers, 400 were pedestrians, and 77 were bicyclists (NHTSA).1 Car crashes are the leading cause for death for teens and
employees (CDC).2 In 2013, work-related car crashes cost employers $25 billion (CDC).3 Distracted driving cost the U.S. economy over
$129 billion a year in property and personal losses. (EndDD)

Buckle up. Put your phone down. Keep your eyes on the road.

Install CellGuardians on your own phone or your teen’s phone via Google Play Store and have peace of mind that the whole family is driving safely
today. The subscription is free for the first 30 days and then costs $0.99/month or $9.99/year.

The first add-on option: Register for free to receive a license code to add to your CellGuardians app subscription to monitor,
manage and receive notifications of your teen’s driving habits.

CellGuardians helps break the habit of using cellphones while driving.
Join us. Be a Guardian.
End distracted driving.

CellGuardians is pleased to support and be a member of National Safety Council’s Road to Zero campaign, the Governors
Highway Safety Association
, DriveSafe Hampton Roads, and DriveSmart Virginia.

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