The MITS R&D team creates technology solutions that address public health, safety, and security issues on land and leading-edge technology solutions underwater. 

Research and Development (R&D) falls within the Innovations Division of MI Technical Solutions. The R&D team is a critical component of MITS, responsible for the first stage of development for a product or service. R&D is staffed by engineers with experience in a variety of fields, including Networking, Information Systems, Software, Mechanical, and Electrical. These engineers are responsible for prototyping and testing processes developed at MITS, as well as finding new and exciting applications for mature systems.

research & development projects


CellGuardians is an Android safe driving app that helps break the habit of distracted driving caused by cellphones. CellGuardians has two options, a full cellphone block and an option to customize.

Get the Android safe driving app here

Avia Vestigo

Avia Vestigo is a home monitoring and emergency notification system that allows individuals to live as safely and independently as possible at home. When there is an emergency, the system notifies the designated caregiver. 

Project Lifesaver International Logo

Project Lifesaver International

MITS is supporting Project Lifesaver with enhanced technology R&D for their search and rescue tools. 


MITS-FISH is a new endeavor to take undersea blue technology to the next level with unmanned underwater vehicles. 


Social Network Data Convergence into Reliable Information for Emergencies (SCORE)

SCORE was designed as a modular system to converge multiple sources of data into useful, verified, and reliable information. SCORE can perform its analysis on massive amounts of data and filter out “noise” into actionable intelligence for crisis response. Simply put, SCORE can find “the needle in the haystack”.

System/Networks Artificial Intelligence (AI) Readiness Solutions (SNAIRS)

While SCORE is capturing actionable intelligence, SNAIRS enhances SCORE by integrating the data obtained utilizing tunable Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to drive out operating inefficiencies, optimize resource utilization, and achieve operational excellence.

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