MITS is committed to designing and providing the very best quality training possible.  To accomplish this, we first listen to our customers needs and how they desire to use the applications in their work processes.  This ensures we fully understand our customers needs prior to aligning them to the applications design. Our training is crafted to lead the users from how they perform a function today to how they can perform the same or similar process in the new application.  We offer training on a wide array of topics, ensuring personnel are ready to perform their job responsibilities and accomplish the mission of their organization.

Our “Master Training Specialists” have performed thousands of individual training events with hundreds of thousands of individual students attending.  Our success rate speaks for itself.  We currently train students and provide support for various applications.

MITS employs the latest technology in our classrooms, webinars, and on-site training. We develop training plans that are custom tailored to our clients, ensuring the highest level of flexibility and technical expertise. We utilize our broad spectrum of industry professionals as well as external subject matter experts to guarantee the highest level of expertise in any field.

Each training session is specifically tailored for our customers and their ever-changing needs.

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