Innovation is a critical component to the production process. Our engineers in the fields of networking, information systems, software, mechanical, and electrical assist in building and testing prototypes in order to get them into the hands of our customers for use!


SCORE was designed as a modular system to converge multiple sources of data into useful, verified, and reliable information. SCORE can perform its analysis on massive amounts of data and filter out “noise” into actionable intelligence for crisis response. Simply put, SCORE can find “the needle in the haystack.”

While SCORE is capturing actionable intelligence, System/Networks Artificial Intelligence (AI) Readiness Solutions (SNAIRS) enhances SCORE by integrating the data obtained utilizing tunable Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to drive out operational inefficiencies, optimize resource utilization, and achieve operational excellence. Development of SCORE-SNAIRS is continuing with scalable and tailored features to support an expanding client base.

Mobile Maintenance

Communication is key! Our Mobile Maintenance Communication Solution (MMCS) is a suite of rapidly deployable pre-packaged connectivity networks in small, medium, and large sizes designed for austere or forward deployed areas. These systems provide end users with scalable and flexible communications across a wide range of network pathways for supporting maintenance activities in areas of degraded infrastructure.

Hardware Production

We design and build a variety of customizable hardware devices for a diverse range of customers and industries. Our team of developers and engineers specialize in creating robust and scalable solutions to a wide range of end user requirements, while prioritizing security and reliability at all stages of design and production. Our products are built to perform across varied network environments, even during periods of degradation and connectivity loss, ensuring maximum uptime and data availability.

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