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Network Support

MITS provides various network technology services to support our client’s global maintenance and readiness goals. We provide network and data management, data migration services, security scanning, and sustainment support to reduce downtime and data loss, mitigate network and system casualties, and increase operational readiness and security. Demonstrating the proven success of our network support services, we have migrated over five petabytes of data for one of our clients in support of their enduring operations. We have managed hardware valued at over $20 Million dollars, while maintaining 100% accountability through a stringent inventory process.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI / ML)

MITS is ahead of the AI trend since we invest heavily in AI and ML research. We understand the trends in the technology space while leveraging our team of experts from both industry and academia. One of our software applications is currently being tested and used in real time with our client. Through this testing, our team is continually enhancing our developed AI / ML product with the goal to expand its reach to other public and private sector domains.

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MITS recognizes the newest battlefield is cybersecurity. Our cybersecurity team guards against compromise, vulnerabilities, attacks, and data loss through leveraging their combined experience to harden networks, hardware, and software. We run vulnerability assessments through our in-house Assured Compliance Assessment System (ACAS) program to identify and solve vulnerabilities. We have experience with the government’s Risk Management Framework (RMF) program for obtaining and maintaining Interim Authority to Test (IATT) and Authority to Operate (ATO) authorizations for various projects supporting our client’s needs within the Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMASS).

Wireless Communication

Today connectivity is considered critical infrastructure, much like electricity and water. MITS has identified and implemented various solutions providing this essential service to our clients. Our Wireless Connectivity Solution (WCS) program currently includes two live systems available for use. One system transports our communication services over networks to provide the “last mile” of communication capability with minimum hardware installs. This solution has been successfully installed in 11 locations in the past 14 months. The second system provides wireless commercial internet service to our clients while teleworking in various “untraditional office” locations. This solution has been implemented in seven locations in the past 10 months. These programs are modular and designed to be used separately, or as part of an integrated system, with compatible hardware components across networks. Our Wireless Connectivity Solution programs give users a robust and scalable platform supporting critical business operations.

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MITS develops customized, flexible training plans tailored to our client’s requirements and needs for various programs. We have the ability to train virtually or onsite. Our trainers (former Master Training Specialists) can guarantee the highest level of expertise in the topics they are training.


We design and produce a variety of bespoke hardware devices for customers who depend on reliable and secure data storage with zero downtime. These hardware solutions are designed for maximum uptime and processing power on-prem while the data remains accessible even in events of connectivity loss and network failures. Our flagship product, the MI-Server , provides users with an incredible amount of computational power while maintaining redundancy during network failures, all in a secure FIPS compliant configuration.


We develop products and services using our expertise in mobile application and software development, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) to address common public health, safety, and security issues. MITS collaborates closely with various academic institutions and other affiliations further taking innovation to the next generation.

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